‘IU1010’-The pride of slum children

It may sound old but children living in streets choose to be barefoot. One can say its a way they recognize themselves for living in poverty. It shows the poor condition they live in. Only few kids ever get a chance to wear shoes. They admire those who were them.

A few find worn out shoes in the huge lump of garbage. They preserve it as if they found gold in the trash. If u ask them why they don’t wear shoes they will simply reply they don’t have money to buy them or their mother has kept a pair at home safely which he wears from time to time.

If u take a look at their feet u feel pity to see their soles bruised and burned from the hot sun.

There are many organizations which help these kids. One such organization is SOS (shoes for souls) for poor and orphan kids living in poverty. Shoes for Orphan Souls, the largest humanitarian aid project of Buckner International, provide new shoes and socks to orphans and vulnerable children in the United States and throughout the world. Since 1999, more than 2.5 million pairs of new shoes and socks have been distributed to children in 74 countries. inside-child-2mil-shoe

Why Shoes?

New shoes provide health.
Shoes are foundational to good health. In many developing countries we serve, children are forced to walk barefoot for miles to gather clean water, to visit a doctor or to go to school.

New shoes provide education.
Many schools around the world require children to wear shoes to attend, but for many poverty-stricken families, shoes are a luxury they cannot afford. Increase’s their chances of obtaining critical education to succeed in life. wbgl-shoes

New shoes provide hope.
when you give an orphan a new pair of shoes, it communicates love and helps them know they are special. They are not forgotten. New shoes provide hope for these children that someone out there cares about them and loves them unconditionally.

Why new shoes?
They last longer, and as a gift to a child, they communicate volumes about what someone is worth. about-shoes


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